The Auburn University Athletics Department promotes a gameday environment of respect for all participants and spectators.  The following Guest Code of Conduct and Gameday Expectations, as well as NCAA Constitution, Article 1, C and SEC Bylaw, Article 10 articulate the parameters for expected behavior.

These codes and bylaws are posted on the Auburn University Athletics website at, and are referenced on digital tickets, public address announcements, direct e-mail. Prohibited items lists are posted on the exterior of each venue and on the Athletics website.

Information & Expectations

All patrons shall comply with sportsmanship principles outlined in NCAA Constitution, Article 1, C and SEC Bylaw, Article 10.

Guest conduct is expected to be of a respectful level prior to, during, and after each competition.

The following conduct is deemed inappropriate:

  • Using racist, sexist, threatening, or inflammatory language.
  • Displaying clothing, signage, or material with profane or abusive language, obscene graphics, or inflammatory reference.
  • Attempting to enter the competition area.
  • Throwing objects, including but not limited to associated paper or plastic concessions service items within the seating areas or onto the field of play.  
  • Illegally possessing alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or smoking.
  • Taking or posting inappropriate photos of student-athletes, cheerleaders, dance team members, band members, or fellow spectators.

If ejected from the venue for any reason, the guest will not receive a refund, will not be readmitted, and attendance at future athletics events is subject to review.

Auburn University students ejected from the venue for any reason are also subject to referral to Student Affairs.

Guests in violation of federal, state, or city ordinances will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

To assist in enforcement of the Guest Code of Conduct and Gameday Expectations, guests should report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest law enforcement personnel, gameday staff member, or Text Assist System. To report an issue to the Text Assist System, text the issue and location to (334)591-4357.

Guests must occupy only their ticketed seats and show their tickets to law enforcement personnel or gameday staff members when requested. 

Guests must comply with requests from law enforcement personnel and gameday staff members regarding facility operations and emergency response procedures.