The Auburn University Athletics Department urges fans to use caution against counterfeit tickets. The Athletics Ticket Office has provided the following information to assist Auburn fans.

Key Information

There are only three ticket outlets authorized to sell Auburn University Athletics Department tickets:

  • Auburn University Athletics Ticket Office
  • Visiting University/College Ticket Office
  • SeatGeek

Purchasing tickets through any other source is not recommended and the buyer assumes all risk when purchasing from an unauthorized seller. Auburn University is not responsible for invalid or counterfeit tickets purchased through non-authorized sellers.

Auburn City Ordinance Definition: "Ticket Scalping" means the act of offering for sale or selling admission tickets to events such as athletics events, concerts, movies, and other events or entertainments as itinerant, roving or transient vendors in public or private locations that have been previously sold or issued. This does not include the occasional sale of tickets purchased for personal use; not for the purpose of reselling tickets.

The Auburn City Council now requires individuals re-selling tickets within the Auburn City limits to have a permit. Permits will include a city-issued badge with photo identification. The permit does not legitimize the sellers as Auburn University representatives, nor does it validate the tickets they are selling.

The purpose of the scalping permit is to provide Auburn police officers an opportunity to engage and identify individuals scalping tickets during Auburn Athletics events.

The Auburn Athletics Department strongly encourages individuals NOT to purchase from a scalper. Even those scalpers with permits are NOT authorized selling agents for Auburn University and purchasing from them is done at the buyer's own risk. Individuals that choose to purchase tickets from a scalper are encouraged to document the permit number.

Ticket holders should be aware of the potential risks of posting full pictures of their tickets, specifically the full bar code, on the internet in any way. The bar code is the most valuable piece of information on a ticket. Please treat it as you would your credit card information or social security number. Do not post a bar code in written or picture form on-line in any manner.

The Auburn University Ticket Office can validate tickets for the exact moment of verification only. Due to the fact that tickets can be sold on SeatGeek, transferred online, or reprinted after being reported lost or stolen, the ticket office can identify if the ticket is currently valid, but cannot guarantee the ticket will still be good for entrance on game day. Fans are encouraged to call or stop by the ticket office if they are concerned with the authenticity of their tickets.

Before Gameday:
Please call the Ticket Office at (855) 282-2010, Option 1 or come by in person.

On Football Gameday:
The ticket office is open at Neville Arena beginning at 8 a.m. for games that kick-off before Noon and four (4) hours before kick on games after 1 p.m. Beginning two (2) hours before kickoff all three Stadium Box Offices open, which are located on the West, Northeast, and Southeast sides of the stadium.

On Men’s Basketball Gameday
The ticket office is open at the Neville Arena Scholarship entrance on weekday gamedays beginning at 7:45 am. The North Box Office (next to the Team Shop) opens 90 minutes before tip-off. The Scholarship and North Box Offices both open 90 minutes before tip-off for all weekend games.

SeatGeek is the only authorized re-seller of Auburn Athletics Tickets. SeatGeek tickets are all delivered through mobile delivery for smart phones. Tickets purchased through SeatGeek invalidate the original ticket and replace it as the valid ticket for that seat location. There are many other companies or individuals that re-sell Auburn Athletics tickets, none of which are an authorized seller. Purchasing through these other avenues puts the buyer at risk for fraudulent or invalid tickets.

Football Gameday Ticket Issues
Fans that have ticket questions or problems are encouraged to visit one of six areas on game days:

Neville Arena Box Office
Located next to the scholarship entrance of the Neville Arena.

Jordan-Hare Box Offices
There are three box offices located on the West Side, and the Northeast and Southeast corners of the stadium.

Men’s Basketball Gameday Ticket Issues
Fans that have ticket questions or problems are encouraged to visit one of two areas on game days:

Neville Arena Scholarship Box Office
Located next to the scholarship entrance of the Neville Arena, next to the Charles Barkley statue.

Neville Arena North Box Office
Located next to the main entrance of Neville Arena, at the north end of the building by the Team Shop.

All tickets are scanned before entrance to Jordan-Hare stadium and Neville Arena to verify their validity. Invalid, duplicate and counterfeit tickets will not grant entrance into the stadium/arena. If any of these tickets are discovered once inside of the facility, the ticket holder will be escorted from the stadium/arena by event staff or law enforcement personnel. Event staff personnel and ticket office staff will confiscate all fraudulent tickets for law enforcement purposes.

Pictures/Texts of Tickets
The Auburn Athletic Department does not accept the picture of a ticket for valid entry into athletic events.  Individuals attempting to use the picture of a ticket will be rejected at the gate and will not be allowed entrance into the venue.

Counterfeit Ticket Prevention
The Auburn Athletic Department uses several security measures on both season tickets and individual game ticket stock to prevent counterfeiting. While, these features do help to authenticate the ticket they do not protect the validity for stadium entrance. These measures simply help to prevent the mass duplication of fraudulent tickets. Always protect your ticket's bar code.

The Auburn Athletics Department strongly encourages you to purchase tickets through one of the three authorized selling avenues (Auburn Ticket Office, Visiting University/College, and SeatGeek). We do understand that there are many other avenues to purchase tickets. Fans are encouraged to use caution and if in doubt do not purchase the tickets. If you see or suspect an individual is selling fraudulent tickets, please alert the nearest law enforcement official.


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