Nominations sought for Auburn's Pamela Sheffield, Walter Gilbert Awards

The Auburn athletics department is accepting nominations for the 2024 Walter Gilbert and Pamela Sheffield awards.

1920 x 1080 Eagle for Gilbert Sheffield awards1920 x 1080 Eagle for Gilbert Sheffield awards
Zach Bland

AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn athletics department is accepting nominations for the 2024 Walter Gilbert and Pamela Sheffield awards.

The Pamela Sheffield Award is presented annually to a woman who best embodies selfless service and commitment to Auburn University and the Auburn family.

The award is presented to an Auburn woman - alumna, student or friend - in whose life are manifested the qualities of Pam Sheffield's dedication to Auburn - love, commitment and, above all, quality. Quantity of contribution will be considered, but quality of contribution, the daily love and care that marked Pam Sheffield's commitment will be of the essence in selecting the recipient of this award.

The award was established April 27, 1991, by the Office of the President and the Athletic Department to honor, commemorate and perpetuate the memory and good works of Pamela Wells Sheffield.

The first award was presented posthumously to Pamela Wells Sheffield '65 in 1991. Sheffield's work touched virtually every aspect of university life; her service to the university included involvement with students, academics, athletics, alumni affairs and the community.

The Walter Gilbert Award is presented annually to one of Auburn's prominent and distinguished athletic alumni. The award is presented each fall at one of the Tigers' football games.

The Walter Gilbert Award recognizes Auburn athletes who have distinguished themselves through achievements after graduation from Auburn. Only those varsity athletes who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen field by 20 or more years of superior performance will be eligible for the Gilbert Award.

Walter Gilbert was Auburn's second All-American football player. He made All-America as a center in 1934, 1935 and 1936. He was later selected for membership in the College Football Hall of Fame. Gilbert went to work for Texaco two days after graduating from Auburn and became head of Texaco's European oil operations before retiring in 1977. He lived in Auburn from 1977 until his death in 1979 and was an avid supporter of Auburn's athletic program.

All nomination information will be reviewed by the Auburn University Faculty Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics, which has responsibility for the selection of the recipients.

The deadline to nominate is July 15.

To nominate for the Pamela Sheffield Award:

To nominate for the Walter Gilbert Award:

Pamela Sheffield Award winners:
1991: Pamela Wells Sheffield
1992: Evelyn Jordan
1993: none
1994: none
1995: Sara Waid
1996: Jane Moore
1997: Jan Lisenby
1998: Jean Welsh
1999: Kym Prewitt
2000: Debbie Shaw
2001: Patsy Alford
2002: Caroline Draughon
2003: Pat Wingfield
2004: Susan Hubbard
2005: Carol Clark Laster
2006: Sandra Newkirk
2007: Rebecca Hatcher
2008: Carolyn Reed
2009: Mary Boudreaux
2010: Joyce Ringer
2011: Gwen Reid
2012: Susan Housel
2013: Susan Nunnelly
2014: Meredith Jenkins
2015: Judith Jehle
2016: Harriet Giles
2017: Kimberly Hudson
2018: Jennifer Jarvis
2019: Dr. Barb Struempler
2020: none
2021: Dr. June Henton
2022: Ellyn Hix
2023: Becky Richardson


Walter Gilbert Award winners:

1981: Joe Stewart
1982: Thomas K. McGehee
1983: Joel Eaves
1984: Dr. David Middleton
1985: William A. Fickling Jr.
1986: Ted Fereira
1987: John Adcock
1988: Bill Nichols
1989: C.H. “Babe” McGehee
1990: Billy Hitchcock
1991: Vince Dooley
1992: Jeff Beard
1993: Morris Savage
1994: Ed Dyas
1995: Lloyd Nix
1996: Richard Guthrie
1997: Jim Voss
1998: Ernie Warren
1999: Dr. James E. Martin
2000: John Mengelt
2001: Hal Herring
2002: Jim Fibbe
2003: Mac Crawford
2004: Charles Carlan
2005: David Marsh
2006: R. Kenneth Johns
2007: D. Gaines Lanier
2008: Pat Sullivan
2009: Ray Groover
2010: Ken Rice
2011: Read Montague
2012: Dr. John Cochran
2013: Lee Griffith
2014: Bo Jackson
2015: Kim Evans
2016: Dick Ingwersen
2017: Jerry Smith
2018: Don Machen
2019: Quentin Riggins
2020-21: Tucker Frederickson
2022: Stephen Wilson
2023: Gary Godfrey